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SHIPPING INFO:  In order to save costs and maximize donations to the family we will have distribution points in Nanaimo, Prince George, Victoria, Big Lake, Williams Lake, Vancouver & Abbotsford.  Once your T-shirt has arrived in those locations you will receive an email letting you know when and where you can pick it up.  If you are in a different location, additional shipping charges will apply.

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I don’t need a T-shirt but I would love to support Tristan & his family with cost of living expenses and new equipment Tristan needs.


This is a T-shirt that will help support Tristan Rex Rempel (T-Rex) and his family with expenses for the family while they travel and stay in Vancouver as well as for necessary equipment Tristan will need.

Tristan who is only 16 months, started vomiting, and then became limp and pale. His mom rushed him to the hospital where they initially thought he might have diabetes. But quickly after arriving he started having difficulty breathing and they discovered on a CT scan that he had a brain bleed from a mass at the bass of his brain (by his breathing center). He was so unstable that doctors thought he would not make the flight to Vancouver that night. God did a miracle and Tristan not only made it to Vancouver, but they were able to do surgery to relieve the pressure on his little brain and a few days later removed the tumour as well! He continued to be stable on a ventilator and sedated, and began opening his eyes, wiggling his toes, and holding their hands. They still do not know which stage the cancer is due to Tristan being so young and awaiting Tristan to receive a spinal tap. They can’t do the spinal tap yet as they are waiting for more swelling to go down on his brain.

To help with this, Tristan is now at Sunny Hill Health Center which rehabilitates children. He is becoming more involved in his rehab, eating fruit purée and engaging more with everyone. The doctors are going to give him 4 weeks and then reassess him for a specialized proton radiation therapy.

Their other three kids were being loved on by grandpa and grandma during the initial first few weeks, and are now back at home to finish their school year with dad (Matt).  Mom  (Jenn), continues to stay with Tristan at the rehabilitation centre in Vancouver.  They continue to wait for government funding to come through as they have been advised that the proton radiation treatment in Seattle Washington for his is ependymoma is the best outcome for Tristan.

Proceeds from the T-Shirt sales will go to help with travel, costs throughout treatment, specialized supports and equipment that may be needed.  Let’s help come together and support them through this time!


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