Environmental Policy


As part of our commitment to the environment and BUILT GREEN®, we intend to carry out all of our activities in ways which reflect respect for and preservation of all of our natural resources. Every staff member is expected to contribute to and honor company policies in this regard.


  • Education

    Pursue ongoing education opportunities and methods for sustainable building practices.

  • Equipment

    Evaluate all equipment purchases on the basis of impact on the environment prior to purchasing decisions being made.

  • Disposal

    Employ safe, appropriate disposal methods for all waste

  • Spills

    Take care to avoid fuel spills from storage containers, equipment, and vehicles.

  • Machinery

    Never leave vehicles and equipment (I.E. generators and pumps) running unnecessarily.
    Keep vehicle use to a minimum through planning and communication.


  • Facilities

    Office and shop facilities incorporate sustainable building products where possible, including energy efficient lighting, recycled and/ or sustainable products, and Low VOC materials and finishes.

  • Recycling

    Recycling stations and procedures are established in our office and shop.
    Recycle all paper and other recyclables (including printer cartridges).

  • Purchases

    Purchase environmentally benign products wherever possible.

  • Printing

    Minimize printing and re-use scrap paper and envelopes where possible.

  • Lighting

    Shut off all unnecessary lighting and equipment when not in use and when leaving the office.
    Replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with CFL’s and LED’s wherever possible.

  • Temperature

    Maintain moderate indoor temperature during heating season, and minimize use of cooling equipment in cooling season.


  • Education

    Educate customers, suppliers, and sub-trades about sustainable building practices, including energy-saving practices and products, indoor air quality, and waste reduction.

  • Recycling

    Set up recycling stations at all job-site for construction period.
    Deliver salvaged or unused new surplus materials to Habitat For Humanity Re-Store where possible.

  • Waste

    Divert as much waste as possible from land-fills.
    Minimize material waste and return unused materials to suppliers where possible.

  • Register

    Register all new home projects with BUILT GREEN® program.