Our Process

At Pheasant Hill we find that our clients vary greatly in how much involvement they desire during the building process.

We outline here several opportunities for your involvement in the process, should you desire it.  Some of our clients want us to look after most of the details, and we are happy to do that.  Others enjoy being more present during the process.  You can be as involved as you want to be, or leave as much to us as is best for you.  Either way, we assume responsibility for the quality of construction, keeping the project on budget, and we guarantee your move-in date.

Consultation with builder if desired.  IMG_0777

Throughout the project we welcome your input.  You can be involved as much, or as little, as you would like to.

20160315_083156_HDRSurvey, building scheme, building by-laws, geotechnical review (if needed).

Confirm view corridors, sun’s path, neighbourhood influences.  Envision landscaping.

Define needs and budget, general design.Contemerary Super Insulated Home on Gabriola-31

Identify themes or designs which are important to you.  Work out siting of house with builder so home “belongs” to the site.

Arbutus Hide Away

Finishes, features, themes, options, trim details.

You review plans, specifications, materials, renderings (coloured drawings of house) if you like.

You review budget and determine your spending priorities and limitations.  Consider mechanical systems and conservation strategies.

Refreshing StartNew home warranty, engineering, construction schedule, deposits.

You approve budget prior to permit application.  Make product and finish selections so we can order all materials.

IMG_1750View the site once clearing and general grading have occurred to confirm how you would like the house to marry with the site.  Envision landscaping.


Framing, roofing, windows, exterior doors.Super-Insulated Contemporary Gabriola Home-8

Verify the function of spaces; last minute changes to plan, windows, doors.

© HA Photograhy 2015Plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, fireplaces.

Understand infrastructure within your home.  Ensure features you want are incorporated.

Contemerary Super Insulated Home on Gabriola-2The home will really take shape for you at this stage.  Last chance to change colours.

Paint, flooring, cabinets, shelving, electrical and plumbing finishing, interior trim.

Final choices for shelving, etc.

Gabriola Paradise - Passive HouseDecks, patios, landscaping.

Fine tune for landscaping details and plantings.

© HA Photograhy 2015Occupancy permit, commissioning, follow up, warranty service.

You receive a detailed warranty manual, your occupancy permit, and all documentation for the construction of the house.  You will be part of a “walk-thru” where you will be familiarized with the house’s mechanical systems.

Ken and your project manager are just a phone call away if you need them for any reason.