Oceanside Craftsman

This home is a perfect little nook of paradise in the Qualicum area.  It is the image of an ultra-energy efficient house that has been built with Passive House standards throughout and is Net Zero Ready.   This home was designed by architect Bruce Fleming-Smith (MRAIC) of Oceanside Design.  The architect, owner, and builder were enthusiastic and dedicated to building a super-insulated house with a high R-value envelope, a very airtight envelope, and using a mechanical system that can efficiently heat and cool the space while providing a constant supply of fresh air.  This super-insulated home used dense-pack cellulose insulation as an effective and environmentally friendly insulation option.  Its steep-sloped roofs, long shed dormer on the upper floor, simple but pronounced exterior trip and lap siding mixed with shingled gables recalls an iconic past, and provides a comforting sense of familiarity.  Behind this familiar facade is one of the most energy efficient houses in Canada; the preliminary blower-door test rults came in at 0.19ACH50 which is three times tigheter than the Passive House requirement!  It is set in a beautiful beachfront home only 60 feet from the water that has a glass railing upper deck off the master bedroom and an expansive 1200 sq ft ground level deck to enjoy the sun and surf.    The owner’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident throughout the build and after as there was an addition of solar panels added later to the roof of this home.  This is a home everyone who participated in bringing it to life, can truly be proud of.